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Jageshwar is located about 40 km away from its district headquarter Almora, about 3 km. off on Almora-Pithoragarh route. Jageshwar group of temple is an ensemble of 125 shrines with Jageshwar temple, Mritunjaya temple, Pushti Devi temple, Nava Durga temple, Surya temple, Navagraha temple and a Pyramidal temple as main shrines.

The temple located in Jageshwar are seems to be the earliest temple in the Kumaun region. The main temple which gives name of the site is located in the east of the enclosure and is a shikhara style of temple. Mritunjaya temple, located on North-West of Jageshwar temple faces east and is also akin in style to Jageshwar temple but pancharatha on plan as of Jageshwar. However, both temples have squre mandapa. Mritunjaya temple also has an ardhamandapa. The adhisthana(base) moulding is decorated with lotus petals.The jangha(wall portion) is adorned with flower and vase motif. Both the temples have attenuated shikhara with remarkable curvilinear element.The shikhara and mandapa of both the temples have crowned by wooden chhatri sheathed with copper sheet and GI sheet respectively.

Nava-devi or Nau-temple is rectangular in plan, the entrance faces north, is in the center on one of the longer sides. The lintel is supported by two plasters and two squre columns with pot and foliage capitals and bases. The roof is in double curve terminating into a narrow straight ridge. The style is of female deities or shaktis. There are three more temple of this type at Jageshwar namely Kalika, Pushti-Devi and Chandika.

Located on the extreme east of the enclosure are two temples with pyramidal spires uncommon to others temples in the enclosure. These temples have beautiful recessed doorways and trefoil from a deep projection on this west.

In the month of shravan, especially on the 14th day of increasing moon,devotees from far-flung villages assemble at Jageshwar. Small lingas of clay are made and anointed with rice, barley and vermillion. After many rituals and elaborate worship these lingas are drowned in a nearby stream jata Ganga.